Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-Destructive Testing - Triumph Aviation Services Asia (TASA)

Our internal NDT capability includes a fully qualified and certified Level III Technician in charge of a specialized team which to ensure no defects, discontinuities or damage to original parts.

The TASA NDT capability includes Automatic Eddy Current technology, and extends to our deployable On-Site Services Team as well in order to provide maximum flexibility and options for our customers.

Laser Welding

TASA's laser welding capability provides a precision mechanism to support a wide variety of materials, including the welding together of different substances, dissimilar and reflective metals with the latest innovative equipment located at our facility.


Autoclave - Triumph Aviation Services Asia (TASA)

Manufacturer:ASC Process System

Working Diameter: 15 feet

Working Length : 30 feet

Max. Pressure: 125 psig

Max. Temperature: 450 Fahrenheit

Standard: AMS2750 & D6-49326 (Boeing Specification)

Composite Materials Repair Technologies


Skin Surface Replacements

Large Area Composite Repairs (Auto Clave / Hot Bonder)

Small Area Composite Repairs (Hot Bonder Blanket)