TASA obtains DOA21J internal Compliance Verification Engineer Authorization

Triumph Aviation Services - Asia Ltd TASA Accreditation

Triumph Aviation Services-Asia, Ltd., (TASA), Triumph Group’s MRO Subsidiary for the Asia-Pacific Region, proudly announces the EASA authorization of Mr. Manoj Edirisinghe as the Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) for TASA’s DOA21J Design Organization Approval (DOA), effective as of September 9th 2020 as stipulated under EASA.21J.574 nomination authorization issuance.

The authorization allows TASA to fully design and approve minor changes and minor repairs to engine nacelle secondary structures and parts, including thrust reversers certified under EASA Rules Certification Specifications CS-25 or similar certifications such as JAR25 and FAR25, without any external CVE support.

“The validation of this capability enhancement is an important and exciting accomplishment for the Triumph team” said Monty Richardson, President of TASA. “Our status as a fully independent Design Organization has been firmly established, which significantly increases the service solutions options which TASA has available to our existing and potential customer base”.

In addition to the intrinsic business development potential, the new authorization is also projected to provide roughly $10,000 in cost savings per month by eliminating the need for external CVE provider support.