Contract Extension Agreement announced between TASA and Airbus

Triumph Aviation Services - Asia Ltd TASA & AIRBUS

Triumph Systems and Support [NYSE:TGI] announced that its APAC Region subsidiary, Triumph Aviation Services – Asia, Ltd. (TASA) and Airbus Industries have formalized a contract extension which continues TASA’s provision of repair station services for a Proprietary Parts catalog encompassing over 40,000 items.

“Our team is delighted to be continuing its longstanding partnership with Airbus” said Monty Richardson, TASA President. “Prior to the extension, our baseline services catalog included Flight Control Surfaces, Rudders, Elevators and Sharklets for the A320 / 330 / 340 family. In addition to continuing these core services, the new extension will include a very broad scope of TASA continuous improvement workstreams in Sales and Support, Engineering, On-Site Services and Logistics.”

TASA brings a wide array of recent facility and capability upgrades in support of the agreement, along with the ability to leverage its EASA DOA Part 21J approval for nacelle components design and validation as needed.

“Triumph Group provides some very unique advantages for our customers within Asia by having TASA in place as a single-source, fully integrated MRO provider based in Thailand” commented William Kircher, Executive Vice President of Triumph Systems and Support. “TASA has maintained its full spectrum of operational services throughout the entire COVID-19 crisis, and we feel confident that TASA’s reliable range of solutions will continue to be a strong asset for Airbus both now and in the long term”.

Triumph Aviation Services-Asia, Ltd. repairs and overhauls a wide range of complex aircraft structures and components such as engine nacelles, flight control surfaces and various aircraft accessories. In 2015 and 2016 the site received the Silver Performance Excellence Award from Boeing, which recognizes suppliers who achieve high-performance standards.